Public transport in Sofia

The Sofia Public Transport Company manages about 250 bus, trolleybus, tram and metro lines in the city.

The Sofia metro is quite modern. It started operating in 1998 after the opening of line 1 which crosses the city from North-West to South-West (from Obelya station to Tsarigradsko). Line 2, which crosses the city from north to south, was recently inaugurated. A third line is in the pipeline.

Public transport prices in Sofia

Tickets for the bus, trolley or tram can be bought at the various kiosks on the street or from the driver of the vehicle.

Public transport in Sofia is cheap and efficient. A single ticket costs 1 Leva (0.5 €) and a 10-trip ticket costs 8 Leva (4 €). There are also transport passes: one day pass (all lines) costs 4 Leva (2 €), one month pass for one line only is 23 Leva (about 12 €), one month pass for the metro is 35 Leva (about 18 €).

The fine for not carrying a ticket or for not validating it correctly is 20 Leva.

Main public transport lines in Sofia

  • Trolleybus line 1: goes from the train station to the University passing by the National Palace of Culture.
  • Trolleybus line 5: runs from the train station along Opalchenska Avenue.
  • Tram line 1: from the train station to Vitosha Boulevard in the centre.
  • Bus line 84: from the airport to the University.
  • Metro: it crosses the whole city in a very short time.

Taxis in Sofia

Regardless of the company they belong to, taxis in Sofia must be yellow and the meter must be visible to passengers.

Some taxi companies in Sofia:

  • OK Supertrans (973 2121)
  • 1€ Taxi (962 2226)
  • Yellow taxi (91119)
  • Radio CV Taxi (91263)

Taxis can be taken on the street or ordered by phone, although the operators usually only speak Bulgarian, in which case you can ask the hotel reception to call one for you. Fares vary from one company to another but still fares are not very high, a trip in the city should rarely exceed 12 Leva (about €6).

As a general rule, if you take a taxi on the street, try to consult and agree the fare with the driver beforehand.

Car rental

In addition, if you prefer more freedom of movement and comfort during your stay in Sofia, you can consider renting a car. For more information and rental options, please visit our car rental page.

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