Mount Vitosha

The Vitosha Massif or Mount Vitosha is located on the outskirts of Sofia and its silhouette is omnipresent from any point in the capital.

The impressive Mount Vitosha, at the foot of which the city of Sofia is situated, has long been part of the Bulgarian capital, being accessible from the city by cable cars from Simeonovo and Knyazhevo.

From the lookout points on Mount Vitosha you can enjoy a splendid view of Sofia and the entire Sofia valley. Higher still is the Aleko ski resort at an altitude of almost 1,900 metres. Open from early December until well into spring.

Climbing Mount Vitosha is one of the favourite pastimes of Sofia’s inhabitants, both in summer and winter. The fresh air, the contact with nature and the breathtaking views make this a highly recommended excursion during your stay in Sofia.

Dragalevtsi Monastery

Situated at the foot of Mount Vitosha, very close to Sofia, this beautiful medieval monastery dates back to the reign of Tsar Ivan Aleksander of Bulgaria. The 15th century frescoes are one of the treasures of this monument.

During the 19th century, the monastery hid the Bulgarian freedom hero Vassil Levski, who was persecuted by the Turks. The Dragalevtsi Monastery is of special interest to visitors to Sofia, Bulgaria.

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